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Perpetuum is a biotech company that develops safe, sustainable plant-based therapeutics for the effective management and improvement of healthspan of millions of people.

Perpetuum’s vision is to apply the company’s expertise in artificial intelligence and plant biotechnology to provide global leadership in research, development and commercialization of our technologies in the pharmaceutical, traditional Chinese medicine, nutraceutical, and cosmeceutical industries.

Our company focuses on four R&D platforms than, depending on the application, can be combined or either function alone:

  • Plant cell extraction
  • Transient expression of recombinant proteins in tobacco plants
  • Dendritic nano adjuvants
  • Biopolymer scaffolds




A scientist and an entrepreneur walked onto a plane …

While it may sound like the opening line of a joke, a chance meeting in 2018 was a key catalyst to the creation of Perpetuum – an idea that had already been stirring in the mind of our Chief Science Officer; Jeroen Hofenk.

In 2018, Jeroen was on a plane flying to a science conference. Flipping through Nature, he noticed the man sitting next to him was reading Wired. “We looked at each other, and I said to him, ‘I think you’re going where I’m going.’ He says, ‘No, I think you’re going where I’m going,’ “Jeroen recalls.

As it happens, Jeroen’s traveling companion was James Troch, now our Chief Executive Officer. James was reading an article on AI and quantum physics being applied in the search for life-saving drugs. The article highlighted that the technology and cost revolution in drug discovery would now make it possible to fully recognize the potential of AI in drug discovery. The knowledge gleaned from applying various deep learning models on both plant and human genetics would then drive the future of precision therapeutics, focusing research and discovery programs and delivering personalized treatments.

And so Jeroen and James began a conversation – one that would ultimately add value to Perpetuum’s ongoing exploration of human and plant genetics fueled by AI, and one that started a revolution.

Officially launched in 2019, Perpetuum showcases an open, collaborative culture. A place where big ideas are encouraged and a commitment to “following the science” is paramount.




Before Perpetuum officially launched in March 2019, the idea of ​​combining human and plant genetics with artificial intelligence became the cornerstone of everything we bring forth today.

The immediate priorities were turning to academia to bring the best skills to the nascent organization and hiring an exceptional team of experts in order to have all of the technologies in place and to make them work in perfect synergy. The multi-disciplinary team began to map out a scientific strategy, collaborations and operational plan.

Each member brought a unique perspective and skill set to the internal collaboration. Many other colleagues and partners; from business development to human resources to legal to finance – also contributed time and perspective, highlighting the focus on cross-functional partnership that is a hallmark of Perpetuum’s culture.




Aging is now at the forefront of major challenges faced globally, creating an immediate need for safe, widescale interventions to reduce the burden of prevalent, costly, and devastating, chronic diseases of today, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and Type II diabetes. To offset the burden of this increase, efforts are underway to develop anti-aging drugs or other geroprotective interventions that could extend health- and even lifespan, lower disease rates, and maintain productivity in this age group.

Unfortunately, there are many roadblocks to such an intervention. While many aging mechanisms are now cataloged, and hundreds of database-based drugs extend lifespan in animal models, approval and testing of new drugs in humans is slow, expensive, and prone to high failure rates.

At Perpetuum, we share the collective vision in that treatment without preventative measures, is simply unstainable. And so, we want to be on the forefront of health care change, to turn innovative science into real VALUE for people ”- by following the path to achieving our vision, Perpetuum can realize its corporate philosophy and achieve widespread commercialization of sustainably extracted, naturally occurring, safe therapeutics that mimic the anti-aging effects of many current approved drugs that are unavailable as off-label, and not safe for prophylactic use due to adverse effects.

We believe in making our preventative solutions available and accessible to every human being, because health care must be recognised as a right, not a privilege. And that includes even the less fortunate.

James Troch, Chief Executive Officer


James Troch


Jeroen Hofenk

Chief Science Officer

Ricardo Della Santina Torres


Uzzo Calderaro

VP Northern America

Prof. Dr. Patrick Wessa

AI Research

Prof. Dr. Hans Baümler


Prof. Dr. Jaak Janssens

Molecular Biology / Oncology

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bäumer

Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Susanne Wagner

Medical Regulatory

Dr. Anna Shaleva

Quantitative Economics

Dr. Sam Dylan Moré

Nanomaterial in Medicine

Dr. Margret Moré


Dr. Marc Frémont

Molecular Biology / Immunology

Dr. Salza Palpurina

Applied Data Sciences